Fit 4 Funding offers a 5 stage process that helps


Fit 4 Funding prepares a company to confidently face investors, bank managers and grant givers.

There are a wealth of funding opportunities available to start up and early stage companies in the South East and the aim of the programme is to tell companies about these opportunities and show them how to apply for them.

Fit 4 Funding offers a 5 staged process that helps bring a company up to investment readiness:

1) Exchange information to find out how you can make the most out of this service.
2) Have a one to one meeting with a professional funding advisor where you can pick up a technology funding pack detailing all the grants available to technology companies.
3) Workshop: A Technology Bank manager from HSBC Bank explains to companies what Banks are looking for in prospective companies. A senior accountant from Grant Thornton describes the various funding options available to early stage companies. An active private investor or Venture Capitalists describes what investors want in a business proposition and the final presentation is given by a Business Angels Network manager explaining how to present to investors. The workshop is interactive and very popular and is now run regularly across the South East of England.
4) Finance Panel: Business plans and presentations are reviewed by a panel of experts including: A business Angel, a bank manager, a Business Angels Network Manager and an accountant who will give their professional feedback on how the company can improve their chances of gaining funding.
5) Debrief allows the professional funding advisor to direct the company to potential investors or other sources of help.

“Fit 4 Funding” draws on our experience in helping businesses select the right investor and understand what investors want and prepare properly before presenting their case. A trial programme showed that businesses undertaking the “Fit 4 Funding” process, were more likely attract appropriate finance


Contact: Eileen Modral

Phone: 01865 261499

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